Panda Buffet Prices

Asian buffets may be a dime a dozen in most parts of the country, but the Panda Buffet is still able to stand out from the crowd with the great things it has to offer. With chefs that are trained to prepare and cook authentic Asian delicacies, it is a solid choice if you’re feeling like having a feast of Chinese, Mongolian, and Japanese dishes.

Here’s a list of Panda buffet prices:


Lunch Buffet

Monday-Thursday, Sunday (11:00am-3:30pm)

Children under 2 eat free$0.00
Children (2-10)$0.80/age

Friday & Saturday (11:00am-10:00pm)

Children under 2 eat free$0.00
Children (2-10)$0.80/age

Dinner Buffet

Monday-Thursday, Sunday (3:30pm-9:00pm)

Children under 2 eat free$0.00
Children (2-10)$1.20/age

Friday-Saturday (3:30pm-10:00pm)

Children under 2 eat free$0.00
Children (2-10)$1.20/age


Panda Buffet has only been around for a few years but it is gaining quite some traction. While a lot of people troop to Chinatown to dig their teeth into some Chinese delicacies, going there can be a hassle for some. Luckily, this all-you-can-eat restaurant is situated outside Chinatown, so you don’t have to bother with the crowds and start satisfying your cravings in a jiffy.

What They are Famous For

While the Panda Buffet is still gaining some traction, there are already a number of things that diners love them for. Some of which are the following:

  1. All day steak. Unlike other all-you-can-eat restaurants, Panda’s serve steak all day long, every day of the week. This means that you get to enjoy generous servings of meat whenever you feel like eating a lot.
  2. The best prices. For less than $15 you already get to eat as much as you want in this establishment. Their weekday dinner and weekend prices aren’t too different as well so you can always eat on a budget here. Coupled with their vast array of dishes, as well as their all day steak offer, you can be guaranteed to get your money’s worth in this buffet.
  3. Wide selection of dishes. They serve more than 200 dishes daily.That’s a whole lot of variety that can’t easily be beat. Especially with the low prices the Panda Buffet charges, you’ll be surprised with how much variety you can enjoy.
  4. Great seafood dishes. Seafood are some of the top favorites by buffet veterans as these food items can get pricey and eating a lot of them at home means splurging. Noshing on these at buffets, on the other hand, allows you to enjoy eating a lot of them without having to spend too much. With Panda Buffet’s low prices and good selection of seafood dishes, you’re really getting a good steal by dining here.
  5. They have hibachis. If you’re not a fan of eating buffet food that might not be fresh all the time, you might enjoy the hibachi and get your food grilled in front of you. It’s also fun watching the chef prepare your meals in the hibachi grill, so it also doubles as an additional entertainment for your entire party.

Why Dine at the Panda Buffet

With the great selection of dishes and low prices, you’ll get excellent value for your money at the Panda Buffet. Give the place a go and enjoy an authentic Asian without breaking the bank.

Last Updated: January 7, 2020 5:10 pm

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