Silverton Buffet Prices

The Silverton buffet combines the benefits of quantity and quality, thus, creating one of the best buffet places in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Indeed, diners find that the buffet has a comprehensive selection of food and drinks with world-class quality resulting in its huge popularity among residents, tourists, and guests.

Here’s a list of Silverton buffet prices:


Lunch Buffet

Monday-Friday (11:00am-3:00pm)

Regular Price$10.99
Silverton Rewards Card$9.99

Bellini Brunch Buffet

Saturday & Sunday (10:00am-3:00pm)

Regular Price$19.99
Silverton Rewards Card$17.99

Dinner Buffet

Sunday-Thursday (4:00pm-9:00pm)

Regular Price$16.99
Silverton Rewards Card$14.99


Silverton Las Vegas, a hotel and casino located in Enterprise, Nevada, targets Californian tourists and Nevadan locals with its wide range of casino games, rustic cottage beside the water motif, and luxurious facilities, among others. First opened as Boomtown Blue Diamond in 8 July 1993, it was renamed Silverton Las Vegas in 2 December 1997. Ed Roski currently owns the establishment.

What They Are Famous For

The Seasons Buffet in Silverton promises – and delivers on its promise – of being one of the best places to eat off the Las Vegas strip. Quantity and quality have equal billing here so that diners are assured of the most enjoyable dining experiences.

Why Dine Here

The Seasons Buffet isn’t your standard Las Vegas buffet. You will be delighted with the six live-action stations and its impressive array of all-you-can-eat international cuisines. Your choices include the spicy flavors of the East, the richness of Italian cuisine, and the comfort of American food, as well as a huge selection of seafood dishes, healthy salads, and sumptuous desserts.

Fill your plate with delicious barbecue favorites including roadhouse chili, fried catfish with hush puppies, and BBQ chicken salad with roasted corn. Indulge in salads like the macaroni salad, green bean salad, and sweet potato salad. Get your fill of the Texas BBQ pork ribs, Texas smoked brisket, and crusted prime rib of beef.

Indeed, name your indulgence and the Seasons Buffet will likely have it on one of its tables, whether it’s for blackened salmon or for honey buffalo chicken wings. Be sure to make room for desserts like pecan pie and peach pie as well as for the unlimited Bud Light beer to complement your food.

Aside from the wide selection of delicious food and refreshing drinks on the menu, the Seasons Buffet also features a spacious dining area with plenty of legroom for everybody, even during peak hours. Every food station is as pristine in appearance and perfect in its presentation, which adds to the buffet’s appeal. Even the back wall, which has televisions set to game channels and the Food Network, add to the overall appeal of the place.

Of course, the Seasons Buffet being in Silverton, the staff members are all friendly, efficient, and courteous.

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