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M Grill Brazilian Steakhouse beats its competitors in the churrascaria sector because of its upscale dining menu, service and ambiance, a far cry from the casual churrascarias in the area. But like its competitors, the restaurant serves grilled items on skewers, a style known as rodizio or corrido, with the diners enjoying an all-you-can-eat experience.

Here’s a list of M Grill Steakhouse menu prices:


M Grill Steakhouse Menu

For salad buffet only$22.99
For kids 4-10 yrs$14.99
For salad buffet only$28.99
For kids 4-10 yrs$26.99


The restaurant first opened its doors in 2003 and it has since became one of the standards in fine dining, churrascaria-style, in Los Angeles, California. With its strategic location near downtown Los Angeles, it has become a hub for gourmands and food lovers.

What They Are Famous For

The churrascaria is known for its authentic Brazilian food especially for the meats presented on skewers and served by gauchos at tableside. Aside from the delicious flavors of Brazilian cuisine, which meat lovers appreciate for their succulent qualities, diners also enjoy the cozy yet elegant environment, the efficient service, and the wonderful aromas coming from the open fire grill.

Why Dine Here

The M Grill is the best place to bring your dates, business clients, and bosses as well as your family and friends for an enjoyable dining experience. You and your group will appreciate the comfortable atmosphere, which allows for an easy flow in conversations despite the busyness of the place. Your orders will be promptly delivered to your table while the gauchos are attentive to your needs for the skewered meats – just make the signal for one of the gauchos to come to your table.

Begin your memorable dining experience with a basket of freshly-baked bread but eat in moderation. Follow it with generous helpings at the hot and cold salad bar, which features fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other salad ingredients. Order one or two bottles of wine to complement your salads, sides and meat for a truly complete meal.

When you are ready for your meats, you have to turn your card to its green side for the gauchos to present the cuts of freshly-grilled beef, pork, lamb, chicken, filet mignon, top sirloin cap, and sausages as well as chicken hearts and pineapple. You may even be able order fish upon reservation – and it will be just as delicious, succulent and juicy as the meats!

Indeed, the M Grill will make you hum with pleasure at the sumptuous food including the healthy options, cozy ambiance, and reasonable prices! You just have to eat here every time you visit Los Angeles and make it a better jaunt than expected.

Last Updated: January 7, 2020 5:11 pm

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